Best healthcare system – Singapore

While it’s easy to criticise your own and far away hills are greener, it is often posited that other countries have better healthcare models than Ireland: Holland, France, Canada and Finland are usually cited. But it seems Singapore wins hands down – a country never mentioned by the loud-mouthed “experts” who dominate our media.

Financial Times journalist, Gillian Tett, gives her reasons based on her experience here and here

And Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health Care Story: How to Create and Manage Sustainable Health Care Systems, a book on the Singapore health system by William Haseltine for the Brookings Institute, is reviewed here

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Haseltine, former Harvard professor,┬ásays Singapore has the best outcome at the best price – at less than half the price of western European countries, has good governance, makes long term plans and executes them with sensitivity to the realities. Here’s a good explanation:

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