What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine, valued world-wide as a safe, effective and permanent answer to many illnesses. In the U.K. there are five Homeopathic hospitals or dispensaries run by the government and doctors, available on the NHS. Such is the good reputation Homeopathy enjoys. homeopathy effective proven safe

In a BMA study some years ago it was found that 78% of G.P.s in Britain refer patients to a Homeopath and likewise in Germany and France (according to the Irish Medical Times).

Over the last 200 years thousands of homeopaths and doctors have tested hundreds of natural substances to discover what symptoms these medicines can cause. When we know what a medicine can cause, we then know what it can treat because “like cures like” (this is the meaning of “homeopathy”). For example coffee causes insomnia so it can treat that symptom. In ordinary medicine (known as Allopathy), medicines are frequently used on this basis of “like treating like”. For example, radium causes cancer but is used to treat cancer and the epilepsy drug Epilem causes convulsions even though it is used for such symptoms. However, proper homeopathy is different; there are no side-effects and it doesn’t treat one symptom or disease but treats all your symptoms at once (since you are one whole person!). Treating the problem never cures as people have found from going to a doctor; you have to treat the totality of symptoms which only homeopathy does.

Apart from prescribing on the basis of like treating like, ordinary medicine prescribes allopathically, isopathically and antipathically, all of which are at odds with each other. This is why Homeopathy is a system but ordinary medicine is not.

With Homeopathy I should be able to make you better, not just your complaint.

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How Homeopathy Works

Initially in the consultation, I listen to your story to gather as much information as possible about your medical history, ascertaining how your illness began and developed and how it affects you so I can determine how you are different from everyone else with a similar complaint. This is so I can treat you as an individual since no two people are ever alike even when they have the same “disease”. (This is another reason why ordinary medicine will never cure as it treats everyone the same.)

Regardless of your symptoms I prescribe a remedy to stimulate your body’s own ability to heal – from the inside out. Unlike a doctor, naturopath or herbalist I never use medicated creams as they don’t cure but suppress the symptoms treating from the outside in (yet another reason why Allopathy will never cure).

I might recommend diet and lifestyle changes to help you improve. I would probably need to see you after a few weeks to assess your reaction to the remedy and note any changes.

Because the remedy stimulates your own healing (in mind and body), your body reacts against your illness to the point that it eventually builds up a resistance to the illness. This means symptoms are less likely to return. This is in contrast to ordinary medicine and herbalism which do not remove the susceptibility to chronic disease.chamomile chamomilla remedy

Who Can Homeopathic Medicine Help?

Because Homeopathy treats people rather than diseases, everyone could benefit. In my experience (30 years) some people respond particularly well to the homeopathic remedies:

  • BABIES with colic, constipation, blocked tear ducts, cradle cap (which should never be suppressed), teething, croup and coughs.
  • CHILDREN with asthma, recurring infections (ear, nose, throat and chest), tonsillitis, coughs and some eczema cases.
  • TEENS with acne, difficult periods, OCD in early teens, glandular fever and respiratory infections.
  • ADULTS with anxiety, irritable bowel and all G.I. problems, spondylitis, hormone imbalances, migraine, psoriasis, thrush, herpes, acne, warts, fertility difficulties and recurring infections or where someone hasn’t recovered from an illness.
  • WOMEN in pregnancy, labour and menopause.

By making you better all the parts improve, your energy should increase and you should just feel and function better generally. So even if you have more than one symptom it doesn’t matter because in making you better all your symptoms improve.

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