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Interesting medical articles
Citizens Commission on Human Rights with a focus on Mental Health Abuses

Citizens Commission website 

Deadly psychiatry and organised denial by Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche. The first chapter can be read here for free His article in the “Does long term use of psychiatric drugs cause more harm than good?” is answered in the affirmative (link).

Medical statistics; what do they really mean? Enjoy the short video and links here

Children and Medication. There is no science or evidence for children’s drug dosages!:
Children’s drug rule approved

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Most drugs prescribed for children have not been tested in children

Mind-blowing admission! Limits of medicine. “Health care professionals make hundreds of decisions a day. A small fraction of them are based on evidence from rigorous clinical trials — that is, things we really know to be true. Unfortunately, most medical decisions are based on clinical opinion — an educated guess,” says Jeffrey M. Drazen, Harvard and NEJM expert, in the New York Times.

Painkillers ineffective for back pain: Australian study

The Pill and depression: Teenagers 80% more likely to suffer depression if they took the contraceptive pill.
A commentary,The Pill has been linked to depression. Why isn’t this more of a scandal?: Because it is a sin to suggest that oral contraceptives may not be the greatest gift ever given to womankind” is available here

The healing power of forgiveness even speeds up recovery from surgery and burns. Research shows
letting go of grudges brings mental and physical benefits.

Forgiveness and confessing – better than psychotherapy says doctor Link

A thorough article on forgiveness by Anna Hart here

A new book Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World by Megan Feldman Bettencourt
explores forgiveness and its application. Her short video talk on Tariq Khamisa, the man who inspired
her book, can be viewed here.

The Forgiveness Project: exploring forgiveness through stories  

Dr Fred Luskin’s Learning to Forgive website 

Prof William Reville: Research suggests that forgiving people can bring peace, happiness and emotional wellbeing Forgiveness is healthier than holding a grudge

sometimes the cure is free – the power of prayer

Psychotherapy or prayer? A new book may answer this: The Gospel of Happiness: Rediscover Your Faith Through Spiritual Practice and Positive Psychology, by Christopher Kaczor.

Is counselling flawed? Christopher Harding from Edinburgh University asks whether prayer involves fewer hidden pressures than a session with a shrink. He focuses his short talk on attitudes in Japan and the UK. Link

Body of Evidence – A blog by a medical journalist
Jerome Burne’s website

On Science
The difference between plants and animal kingdoms – a wonderful article by Prof Reville

Science and it’s problems: a talk by Prof William M Briggs. He looks a tissues such as: 1. Scientism, scidolatry, scientific clericalism; 2. Science as culture and dogma; 3. ‘Impact factors’ and the quantification of the unquantifiable; 4. Grants and democratic inflation; 5. Uncritical peer-review and criticism; 6. Cheating, scheming, shifty liars; 7. A return to metaphysics and philosophy.

Socio-political bias of the Left thwarts science. The Real War on Science: The Left has done far more than the Right to set back progress is a history of how the various sciences have been sabotaged by the Left. Well worth reading.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False by John P. A. Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine and of Health Research and Policy at Stanford University School of Medicine and a Professor of Statistics at Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences.

The science of the individual. This is a challenge for science because science wants results to be repeatable but how, in medicine for example, do you treat different individuals with different symptoms the same and is it scientific to do so? Hahnemann made medicine scientific by treating the individual, now Harvard professor Todd Rose is advocating the same: The Science of the Individual

Institute for Venture Science: Funding Promising Ideas that Challenge Conventional Thinking
Institute for Venture Science website

Open Sciences is a portal for open-minded scientific investigations which goes beyond the limitations
of reductionist materialistic science. It includes videos, articles, journals, books and useful links. Will
be of interest to those interested in science, spirituality consciousness and related subjects

Open Sciences website 

Philosophy of Science. A very readable, authoritative, succinct and comprehensive case for a reality beyond matter and why science needs metaphysics: Beyond Science: Why Science Needs Metaphysics by Professor Roger Trigg.

On Fraudulent Science
Fake Science – Now a team of researchers has a controversial plan to root out the perpetrators: The Guardian

The problem of fake data may go far deeper than scientists admit. Now a team of researchers has a controversial plan to root out the perpetrators. Link

Cancer research and science fraud at Duke University Link 

BMJ publishes study revealing How Flawed Drug Research Fails a Trusting Public Link (Also, see related posts on Research, GlaxoSmithKline/GSK, Evidence-based medicine, ADHD, Psychiatry and the DSM

Flu drugs aren’t tested and side-effects outweigh the benefits Link.

No evidence behind Tamiflu: Roche chief executive dismisses Tamiflu trials doubts

Science flaws and fraud: an overview at

Something has gone very wrong with science – Prof William Reville (See also a related post here)

Scientific Peer Review in Crisis – By Prof Dariusz Leszczynski

Retraction Watch is a website listing science papers that have been retracted or amended

The Vocation of a Doctor
This essay is adapted from the Commencement Address Dr. Landry delivered

at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. Public Discourse website

Medicine and Ethics
Why Conscience Matters – nun and doctor, Mary Diana Dreger, explains 3 faulty models of medicine
Sr Mary Diana Dreger OP, MD video 

The Hippocratic Oath: Quaint Relic or Solemn Vow? “… the original Hippocratic oath remains an enduring icon of medical ethics…”

History of Medicine
History of Medicine. Sadly omits Hahnemann and Homeopathy and not updated for a century,
but short and nicely presented:

Divided Legacy by Harris Coulter. A four volume work detailing the history of medical thought rather than just inventions.

Recollections of an Irish Doctor. I loved this beautifully written book by someone with first-hand experience
of the famine, developing the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, his family burnt out by Irish Republicans etc etc. Highly recommended. Read about it here

Short Philosophical Talks
Ancient Medicine and Philosophy – a short talk by Prof Peter Adamson. The ancient relationship between medicine and philosophy culminates in Galen, who passes judgment on the three main “sects”: rationalism, empiricism and methodism: Listen here

Jim Hankinson, a leading expert on philosophical themes in Galen, joins Prof Peter Adamson to discuss
this greatest doctor of the ancient world:
Listen here

Peter E Pormann on Medicine in the Islamic World: Listen here

Roger Bacon extols the power of science based on experience: Listen here

Vaccine information
INFORMED CHOICE – Vaccine Ingredients

Vaccines and Fetal Cells – a scientist’s open letter, Dr Deisher is Founder and Lead Scientist at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute: OPEN LETTER TO LEGISLATORS REGARDING FETAL CELL DNA IN VACCINES

Not the government’s version!

A moral objection to forced vaccination by Barbara Loe-Fisher

France Questions Vaccination Link

Diseases disappeared before immunisation (and other info.) Child Health Safety website
and this research by a professor of sociology, The Sociology of Health and Healing: A Textbook (p.136)  

A Measles Death, Vaccines, and the Media’s Failure to Inform. There is a discussion to be had about
public vaccine policy. The media ought to start having it says reputable journal. Foreign Policy Journal

Statement by Catholic bishops of Kenya on mass tetanus vaccine campaign here.

“Massive Fraud In Merck MMR Vaccine Testing” – The Legal Examiner Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust lawsuit: Reuters

Ireland, along with many other countries, is querying the HPV vaccine. It was recently discussed in the Seanad here

Last year (2014) the flu jab was only “3% effective” according to UK authorities. (Only 50% effective in a good year!)

Specific Health Issues
An online database with up-to-date information on the dangers of some prescription drugs: