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March 2019

Harvard-Westlake students were vaccinated. Dozens caught whooping cough anyway – Los Angeles Times (which is not new, eg: Mumps Makes a Comeback, Even Among the Vaccinated – The New York Times)

Medical Misinformation (RTE Radio 1)
Mary spoke to Rachel Alter, a public health communicator who focuses on vaccine education, and was joined in studio by Professor Brian O’Neill, Director and Dean of the Graduate Research School, TU Dublin and Maitiu O Tuathail, President of the National Association of General Practitioners.!rii=b9%5F21522727%5F83%5F07%2D03%2D2019%5F
or here:

Most health supplements have no health value and should be taxed

Royal College of Physicians accused of ‘gerrymandering’ assisted suicide vote: Four doctors are taking the body to court over the survey

An Oxford University professor has accused the NHS’s only specialised clinic for transgender children of suppressing negative impacts of puberty blockers on children while undertaking experimental treatment on adolescents. Dr Michael Biggs, an associate professor at Oxford’s Department of Sociology claims

Prescription drugs implicated in most deaths by overdose

Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia

Why Is Medicine So Expensive? A review of books on the subject:

“The study was funded by Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company. This itself creates a conflicted environment. But worse still, Novo Nordisk was recently fined $58m by the FDA for fraud.”

“US warship quarantined at sea due to virus outbreak” Because all the sailors were vaccinated against mumps but now have mumps, they are calling it “parotiditis” instead!

How income inequality affects our mental health
Drastic disparities of wealth are bad for rich and poor alike
Gillian Tett, Opinion FT Magazine

Hidden conflicts? Pharma payments to FDA advisers after drug approvals spark ethical concerns | Science | AAAS

Arizona Lawmakers Pass Vaccine Parental Rights Bills In Face of Criticism

Re UK How’s vaccinating pregnant women for Whooping Cough working out for you England?

“Dr. Fauci just lied under oath before congress. He was asked if the measles vaccine can cause encephalitis. His answer: “No”. The public booed. His colleague corrected him saying it was “rare”. The chair threatened to have members of the public removed.

“Did you see #DTaP #vaccine PEDIACEL package insert? Sudden #Infant #Death Syndrome (#SIDS) is a documented adverse effect.

Arizona Lawmakers Pass Vaccine Parental Rights Bills In Face of Criticism

Government Research Confirms Measles Outbreaks Are Transmitted By The Vaccinated

Cervical Cancer Rates Increase Despite Use of HPV Vaccine

Sanofi – again!
Sanofi faces indictment over deaths related to its dengue vaccine – STAT

an interesting find – Physicians for info

Influenza vaccination for healthcare workers who care for people aged 60 or older living in long-term care institutions. – PubMed – NCBI – not such a good idea!

Aeon magazine
The body as machine- first imagined in 1927, now brought to new, animated life


February 2019

Review of Irish consultant’s new book Is There a Cure for Medicine by Dr Seamus O’Mahoney:

in which Ivan Illich is referenced. see O’Mahoney’s article on Illich here:

‘CDC quietly changes who should avoid the MMR vaccine.They now state that ANYONE that “Has a parent, brother or sister with a history of immune system problems” should AVOID THE MMR VACCINE!’

Court Ruling Confirms Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People, but Did Anyone Even Notice?

French Cancer Surgeon: Statistics Show HPV Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Increased Cervical Cancer Rates After Years of Decline Due to Pap Smear:

BREAKING: FDA Sued for Recommending Untested, Unlicensed Flu Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Flu shot, anyone ? “Measles/MMR Vacc, anyone? Another flurry of rapid responses on from usual suspects, more on way, so fresh comments welcome.”

The Real Risks of Marijuana Use

Smoking cannabis as teenager increases risk of depression by 40 per cent, Oxford study finds

Oral contraceptives could impair women’s recognition of complex emotions: Healthy women who use birth control pills are poorer judges of subtle facial expressions than non-users, according to new research – ScienceDaily

The tricky business of gender identity | Standpoint

2Former health minister attacks Harris over autism strategy” – remember, at least one member of Harris’s family is reputed to be on the spectrum:

“BREAKING: MERCK IN COURT FOR FRAUD OVER THE #HPVvaccine. “Jennifer’s lawyers brilliantly laid bare Merck’s anemic case for Gardasil, dissecting the science in withering presentations challenging both the efficacy and safety of the Gardasil vaccine…”

Fears whooping cough vaccine gives children food allergies sparks major $4million trial

Dr. Richard Moskowitz MD On “Anti-Vaxxers”

French Cancer Surgeon: Statistics Show HPV Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Increased Cervical Cancer Rates After Years of Decline Due to Pap Smears

It’s billed as the “Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit.”
In reality, it’s far from it. How information is secretly manipulated on Wikipedia.
The Dark Side of Wikipedia

Arizona lawmaker: All ingredients, side effects must be disclosed before any vaccine

January 2019

Letter to the editor from a doctor defending homeopathy and the royal family using it

Information is one way of understanding our remedies. This idea is explored in a new book by physicist Paul Davies.
Could biological ‘information’ solve the mystery of life? | Financial Times
– And the book:

For a more detailed understanding of homeopathic remedies and information, see

New Insight on placebo effect
Patient care and enzyme release appear crucial to placebo effect

Top cancer scientist dies after yellow fever vaccination | UK news | The Guardian

I’ve documented problems with this vaccine before – and Sanofi –
Yellow fever vaccine made Michael Brabant mad

Fake Science – medical journals…

We all know the bias at Wikipedia re homeopathy – see Dana Ullman’s article

What Advocates of Legalizing Pot Don’t Want You to Know
The wave toward legalization ignores the serious health risks of marijuana.

a few questions for Bill Gates

Thousands of Indians die in unethical clinical trials – The National

Record levels of syphilis cases reported to HSE

Merck Created Hit List to “Destroy,” “Neutralize” or “Discredit” Dissenting Doctors – CBS News