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Validation for Homeopathy
Latest – Indian nuns with their own homeopathy clinic.

Q & A with Sr. Mercy Kuriakose on healing the sick with homeopathy

The Logic, Wisdom and Scientific Evidence for the Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza

Harvard Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine

One in six Italians use homeopathy. About 20,000 Italian doctors recommend homeopathy.
ANSA General News 

In Defence of Homeopathy: Guradian article

Public use of homeopathy: Germany (60%), Spain (27%), France (56%), Belgium (69% of households) and Austria (50%). Read more

Irish actress Patricia Routledge tells the Guardian that she used homeopathy while rehearsing for
Noises Off: 
‘I kept bashing into doors and they kept bashing into me. I got through two bottles
of arnica in rehearsals alone.’ Read her story here 

For a few weeks Dr Le Fanu in his weekly column on Mondays in the Daily Telegraph has defended Homeopathy. For two weeks in a row dentists wrote to him saying how they successfully treat mouth ulcers using homeopathic medicine. Here’s one example

Many video interviews with doctors and vets on why they use homeopathy
Faculty of Homeopathy videos

What Nobel Laureates said on Homeopathy link

Homeopathy plays a useful role in today’s NHS says GP. Dr Le Fanu, an honest and fair GP realises there is a value in providing Homeopathic medicine on the NHS. Read his Daily Telegraph article below where he defends Homeopathy against the medical establishment’s onslaught.

Should doctors recommend homeopathy? Yes says Queen’s physician in BMJ debate available here
Read replies to the debate
here. Homeopath, Dr Peter Fisher, won against Edzard Ernst.

Video describing the validity of Homeopathy in the treatment of animal and human diseases.
Documentary by the south German BR television. English subtitles: watch the video here

“Nearly 95% of general practitioners, dermatologists and pediatricians, and 75% of midwives” prescribed a homeopathic medicine in 2011-2012, that’s apart from the many health care professionals who referred patients to
a homeopath, according to reimbursements in the
French national health insurance database (SNIIRAM)

Animals and Homeopathy
‘I’ve been a homeopathic vet for 40 years, so how can I be seen as a fraud?,’ says Chris Day

New Zealand sheep farmers use homeopathy: NZFarmer.co.nz

Queen’s corgis fed homeopathic remedies in order of seniority, trainer says

Prince Charles: I use homeopathy in animals to cut antibiotic use

Professional Organisations
The Irish Society of Homeopaths

The European Council for Classical Homeopathy
European Council’s website

European Committee for Homeopathy
European Committee website

Eastenders star Michelle Collins says Homeopathy helped her cope with depression: “Homeopathy has changed
my life.” 
Read her story in the Mail Online

Lady diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis lives a normal life with Homeopathy
Watch the YouTube video of her story

Neuro-scientist: Homeopathy Really Does Work
Rachel Roberts’s interesting experience in the Guardian

Here are some great fans of Homeopathy
Daily Mirror – The stars who swear by Homeopathy

Prince Charles and the royal family are fans
Article by Sarah Rainey, Daily Telegraph

And some more fans of homeopathy
YouTube video

Famous maestro of New York Philharmonic orchestra, Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957), would travel to Tuscany where a local homeopathic doctor cured his arthritic shoulder, thus saving his career. He subsequently married the girl next door. This great story is told in the Irish Times

A Brief Biography of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who put medicine on a scientific foundation: click here

Online Homeopathy journals

Homeopathy Books Online
Hathi Trust
Homeopathe International

Homeopathy Research and Evidence
NEW! – Potentized estrogen in homeopathic treatment of endometriosis-associated pelvic pain: A 24-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study: “… significantly more effective than placebo for reducing endometriosis-associated pelvic pain.” Link

NEW – Homeopathic Treatment for Postpartum Depression: A Case Report Link

Extreme Bias in the U.S. government’s Federal Trade Commission Ruling on Homeopathic Medicine: link

The best studies show individualized homeopathic treatment has beneficial effects better than placebo,
say researchers at the Homeopathy Research Institute here 

Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy: http://www.ijrh.org/

AIDS/HIV and Homeopathy: AIDS Remedy Fund

A Homeopathy Research Evidence Base here

Response by the Homeopathy Research Institute to Australian NHMRC report here and here

Randomised placebo-controlled trials of individualised homeopathic treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis: BioMed Central

Dr Robert Mathie, medical research scientist, presents a “Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised, placebo-controlled, trials of individualised homeopathic treatment.” YouTube video (30 mins)

Homeopathy: Meta-Analyses of Pooled Clinical Data by Robert G. Hahn, Research Unit, Södertälje Hospital, Södertälje, and Department of Anesthesiology, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden. (link)

Homeopathy effective in asthma: Egyptian study

Homeopathy as effective as painkillers according to Indian study (link)

A Review of Homeopathic Research in the Treatment of Respiratory Allergies is available here

Plant-derived nanoparticle treatment with Cocculus 30c ameliorates attention and motor abilities in sleep-deprived rats. The highly respected journal Neuroscience shows homeopathic preparations work
Neuroscience article

Homeopathy works – research into homeopathy and allergies: Daily Mail article

Homeopathy Research Institute: Homeoinst.org

Evidence for Homeopathy: Dr Jan Scholten’s website

Faculty of Homeopathy, the body representing doctors, vets and dentists. Research evidence
The Faculty of Homeopathy

Research in the prestigious PLOS ONE science journal shows homeopathy is better for menopausal
depression and hot flushes: click here

Scientific journal finds homeopathic medicine effective in augmenting immune response: Click here

Fibromyalgia improved with homeopathy: Rheumatology

Homeopathy for childhood diarrhea: PubMed

Randomised controlled trial of homoeopathy versus placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis: Click here

A prospective observational clinical study involving an alternative cancer treatment, psorinum therapy, in treating stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and liver cancers: click here

A phase II, single-arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): click here

Epidemics and Homeopathy – a history
The Proof of the Pudding! and lives saved

An interesting website on Homeopathy: www.homeopathyheals.me.uk

Articles by old homeopaths, materia medica, biographies etc, by Sylvain Cazalet and others
Homeo International

Brief history of homeopathy – short animated video

The history of Homeopathy in America in song. Great! YouTube video

A highly qualified chemist defends homeopathy: Good Medicine: Homeopathy Published in the British Medical Journal online. He defends Homeopathy but also points out problems with science’s gold standard verification model; Randomised Controlled Trials.

A rebuttal of Wikipedia’s bias and misinformation about homeopathy
by Dana Ullman at Huffington Post

Physician, biochemist and philosopher Dr Richard Moskowitz’s website. Informative articles etc: DrMosk.com

History of Vitalism by Dr Silivia Waisse, Maria Thereza Cera Galvão do Amaral, Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb
Roots of French Vitalism

Vital Force in Medicine by Dr H.C. Allen: click here

Articles on homeopathy and science: http://www.alonnissos.org/downloads

Taxonomy and Classification of Remedies
You can learn more about Homeopathy and the medicines at http://www.vithoulkas.com

An encyclopaedic website for Homeopaths: www.qjure.com

A database of remedies, taxonomy and substances: Provings Information

New database of modern provings: Provings.com