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Questioning the Pandemic, in Theory and Practise

• “Long covid”. It has been said – although I believe greatly underestimated – two per cent of people who contracted Covid-19 suffered long-term effects. Why should an acute infection become chronic for some? No one has explained why, but Samuel Hahnmeann has postulated a reason: psora. See his Organon § 227 wherein he explains that if psora is not treated, the physical disease can progress into a psychological one, but it is the same disease.

In § 195 Hahnemann states: “In order to effect a radical cure in such cases, which are by no means rare, after the acute state has pretty well subsided, an appropriate antipsoric treatment (as is taught in my work Chronic Diseases) must then be directed against the symptoms that still remain and the morbid state of health to which the patient was previously subject. In chronic local maladies that are not obviously venereal, the antipsoric internal treatment is, moreover, alone requisite.”

This lack of reaction against the infection – i.e. an acute becoming a chronic – is due to psora.

• It has been noted that many who acquired this infection have suffered psychological symptoms. Why the surprise? Hahnemann explained in the first aphorism on treating mental and emotional diseases (§ 210 or here), Hahnemann states mental illness is not different to bodily illness because the mind is always altered – they are like the “one-sided diseases” he dealt with in aphorisms 172-184 (or here) of the Organon – “all morbid symptoms disappearing before the single great symptom [a mental symptom]”.

• Vaccines are prepared from the same source as the infection. This is known as isopathy. Isopathy has never been proven as a valid or scientific basis fo prescribing. On the contrary, nature works prevents and cures by means of similar symptoms, what Hahnemann called homeopathy. For example, Edward Jenner, who introduced the first vaccine to medicine, used cowpox to prevent smallpox. This is because the symptoms of both infections were similar, not the same. Other similarities work curatively, for example, it was noted that those who had measles were immunised against whooping cough because the coughs of both diseases were similar.

This is, in fact, how medicine works: Epilim, an epileptic drug causes convulsions; radium, used for cancer, causes cancer; mercury, used for dental decay, causes dental decay, etc.

On this point, it was noted during the cholera epidemics that workers in copper mines did not contract cholera. The reason was that the symptoms of each were similar to the other. If one suffered a headache every Sunday, what would the vaccinologist suggest: a dose of Sunday? Of course not; nature works homeopathically, not isopathically.

• This raises the question: what about the role of antibodies in immunity? Well, if we are to learn from the experience of copper, measles and cowpox it is apparent that resistance to an infection may not be dependent on, or even need, antibodies or previous exposure. …

• All through our current pandemic, the role of antibodies has been emphasised. However, in December, researchers (see here and here) are finding T cell immunity is significant, and T cell immunity against Sars-CoV-2 is possible from exposure to similar viruses, notably some common cold viruses.

• The various Covid vaccines, we are being told, are 95% effective. AstraZeneca’s one was 60% one day but 95% the next! However, for those who keep telling us this is all science, I ask them: but isn’t science repeatable? If so, why isn’t it repeatable 100%? Perhaps they are in vitro, but certainly not in vivo.

• Following from the premise that isopthic vaccines are the panacea and are perfect, this has to be based on the false premise that the  virus is the disease. It is not, the disease is one’s reaction to the virus, should they react.

If the virus is not the disease, then why inject it? I’m allergic to Sunday; will you give me that dose of Sunday? 

The obvious answer is that no one has asked nor answered the essential question: what is disease? 

• Unfortunately for the vaccine manufacturers, we have been told this week that the pandemic has peaked.

• Lockdowns. Much has been said of lockdowns, many counter-intuitive(e.g. Lockdowns Kill). On 29 December 2020 it was announced that South Africa has the worst rate of infections on the continent of Africa. This is despite having the strictes lockdown. The same happened with Israel, despite a very strict lockdown.

• The source of the infection. In 1854 the London doctor John Snow discovered a water pump to be the source of the cholera outbreak. A request by Australia to have an independent inquiry into the source of the pandemic has led to China punishing Australia with import taxes and executing one or two Australian tourists. One would have thought such a request good medical and social practise.

Is it time for compo from China? China gave us a deadly infection, now, at huge cost, they sell 58,000 thousand faulty testing kits to Spain; 1.3 million of faulty face masks to the Netherlands; and now protective clothing to Ireland that wouldn’t fit the smallest Chinese toddler. Ireland paid a whopping €200 million for it and even had to go to China to collect it.

Turkey and the Philippines have also reported faulty coronavirus tests, without specifying the supplier. A second company, Beijing-based Innovita, issued a denial that its tests were faulty after reports of problems in Czech media — Irish Times

• The flu vaccine has been shown in a “randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses. (Cowling et al, Clin Infect Dis 2012;54:1778)” Do our social health doctors and Ministers of Health not pay attention to such findings? However, when some countries have thousands of doses of the children’s flu vaccine going out of date in a couple of weeks. …

If the flu vaccine is pretty ineffective, despite many years making it and institutes devoted to it, (Flu jab given to millions is ‘useless’”: Daily Telegraph, 05 Feb 2015, “As a result, it is working in just three per cent of people given it, when it is normally effective in around half of cases.”), one has to ask why we can expect all the Covid vaccines to be almost 100% effective.

• “Fact-checkers” abound, even at Reuters, the once respectful news agancy. When it was stated by someone on social media that four participants on the Pfizer vaccine trial developed symptoms similar to Bell’s palsy, the “fact-checkers” got to work and discovered … yes, you guessed, this wasn’t true. Except that it is true, according to the FDA report. “Even milk injected into the blood stream is toxic”, Dr Edward Whitmont quipped.

• Flattening the curve. Medicine now prides itself on being “evidence based”. What is the evidence base for “flattening the curve”? Further more, what is the evidence base for “suppressing the virus”? 

The Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski, who lived under communism, sarcastically asked: “What’s wrong with socialism?” to which he answered, “Nothing”. Today we can easily replace “socialism” with “Covid vaccines”. To many, the prospective vaccines are like socialism: perfect! In fact, these vaccines are so perfect that they produce no side effects! Except they do. One hospital has even ceased administering the vaccine to staff. The side effects have become apparent by their intensity more so than their frequency.

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