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Revealing Repeal Ironiesrepeal eigth yes abortion campaign ironies

I love irony, as you might have noticed from previous articles. Listening to and watching campaigners on the Repeal side of our debate about the forthcoming referendum, one can find a plethora of ironies.

Justice Catherine McGuinness established Grandparents for Repeal to lobby for abortion, but if women have abortions there won’t be grandparents!

Other ironies of the Yes side (i.e. yes to repealing article 40.3.3., therefore paving the way for abortion legislation) have been suggested: It’s ironic that Yes campaigners frequently bring their babies and young children on the campaign trail – bringing babies to an abortion rally is like bringing turkeys to a Christmas party! (One Yes campaigner sometimes brings some of her five children!)

Sinn Feiners are campaigning so, after years fighting the Brits who have been killing us for 600 years, the Royal College of Surgeons UK will come here to train us how to kill ourselves (or so they have offered)! Also, Marie Stopes will surely set up business so we can pay the Brits to kill us! (Remember, Sinn Fein at their Ard Fheis only voted for abortion in “hard cases” but are campaigning for the FG proposal!)

Staff from TUSLA, ‘the child and family welfare agency’, who are tasked with safeguarding children’s welfare, are campaigning to end babies’ lives before they take their first breath! TUSLA’s website states: “The Child and Family Agency was established on the 1st January 2014 and is now the dedicated State agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children. It represents the most comprehensive reform of child protection, early intervention and family support services ever undertaken in Ireland.”

Another irony is that the head of TUSLA is the minister for children, Katherine Zappone TD, who also campaigns to abort them!

Minister Zappone was mentioned in a national paper three weeks ago lamenting the fact that Ireland’s fertility rate is declining – all along campaigning to reduce it!

A letter-writer to a newspaper suggested that Together for Yes, the umbrella organization for the disparate Yes groups, is ironically named since after an abortion there is no together!

Doctors for Choice was established by none other than a children’s doctor: a paediatric psychiatrist!

In his 2017 Christmas speech, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced he will house one hundred people a day in 2018. Now he’s campaigning to evict the unborn from their homes!

His Minister for Health, Simon Harris, is campaigning for abortion while touting the idea of providing free IVF to try to make babies!

And surely the government campaign is at odds with the WHO photos they insist be placed on cigarette boxes: “Smoking can kill your unborn child”?

The eighth amendment to the constitution was effected in 1983. Another irony here is that many voting to repeal it are only alive because of it; if it wasn’t in place they may have been aborted!

Ironies reveal a disconnect between thought and behaviour and as such are not wholesome. George Vithoulkas has said an unhealthy people will elect an unhealthy government. Without empirical evidence we cannot say he’s correct or not, but with such a plethora of ironies and incongruent thinking from the Yes side, if they do win, we can expect ironies and inconsistencies in the forthcoming legislation.


The Eighth was repealed on Friday 25th May. Again, a further irony, a black one: that day is International Day of the Missing Child…


Post-referendum ironies persist. Clare Daly TD has Tweeted her grievance at the treatment of cattle; Leo Varadkar Tweeted his sadness about a tree in TCD falling over; Sinn Fein TD  Lisa Kinsella-Colman is “Absolutely delighted that my motion calling for better regulations on puppy farming was passed at Sinn Féin Ard Fheis 2018”, the Ard Fheis where abortion was approved and conscience outlawed; Leo Varadkar criticises Donald Trump for separating children from their families, yet he campaigned for abortion which permanently separates them; and Letters-writers to the editor of the Irish Times shed crocodile tears over the Mexican children forcibly removed from their parents, forgetting that that is exactly what we have just voted for!

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