Syphilis and destructive diseases

Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis: A Study of the Syphilitic Miasm through Remedies, By Jeremy Sherr

Considering its relevance to Hahnemannian homoeopathy surprisingly little has been published on Homeopathy and syphilis. Jeremy Sherr has now presented us with a somewhat lengthy and perceptive treatise on the subject. Dynamic Materia Medica - Syphilis

This is not however a straightforward, linear study but rather a poetic one. Attempting to read from page one through to the end may disappoint but was not the author’s intention which he explains in the introduction.

Jeremy or “Ol’ Hawk-Eye”, as he once called himself, has split (Haliaeetus le.) the book into two parallel (Hali.le) sections, divided by blue pages following each other and white pages synchronous with each other. Extracts from Girolamo Fracastoro’s poem¹ about syphilis are interspersed so you may need to read the book through once to get a feel for it before attempting a more serious read of it.

One benefit of this book is the inclusion of some new remedies such as Androctonus and Haliaeetus. With all remedies Jeremy treats them in his usual way of the verb which he explains in a seperate chapter and in some cases he explains the remedy in terms of the circle as taught by Joseph Reves who taught Jeremy. The beauty of teaching these remedies now is that time and experience have provided a better understanding. He presents both new and forgotten information on old remedies which challenges as much as teaches.

The author informs us that this book contains his soul and is probably the reason for the excellent quality production.

However, a few questions remain; is his treatment of Homeopathy and syphilis inclusive enough? Does Jeremy succeed in his search for the essential principle that unites each remedy? In his attempt to “amalgamate parallel concepts” while paradoxically splitting the book, does the book work? Only the readers can judge for themselves. The book may have been better served if grounded with some practical examples like case histories and his argument strengthened by presenting Syphilinum before the other remedies along with an explanation of the miasm. Though there may be a reason for this, strangely he didn’t want to “lay all his cards on the table” but keep a lot “hidden”. However, it remains the most stimulating treatise on Homeopathy and syphilis I’ve read and a requirement for any Hahnemannian student or practitioner.

1. The poem is available at

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