Labour silences health spokeswoman on homeopathy!

The Independent has brought to our attention a serious issue regarding the freedom of thought and belief and choice in healthcare. It seems that despite “Homeopathy is sometimes available on the NHS; there are NHS homeopathic hospitals, and some GP practices offer it,” according to the Independent, the leaders of the British Labour party know better. “Labour has forced its new public health spokeswoman, Luciana Berger, to renounce her views on homeopathy.” Amazing, isn’t it? It is deeply troubling that a political group can force one of its members to change their informed beliefs in exchange for their populist ones. Where will they stop?

This diktat from the comrades reminds me of an essay on socialism by the Polish philosopher, Leszek Kolakowski,¬†who wisely renounced socialism/communism. His essay didn’t fit the thinking of the party leadership either so when they couldn’t force him to think differently, they banned the essay; What is socialism? Republished now by his daughter, after many years suppressed by the party’s censors, in the book Is God Happy?

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