Atheistic, materialistc reductivistic science is on the ropes

The above category of science and philosophers who try to support it is also a description of conventional Allopathic medicine. This approach, though criticised for at least 200 years is now facing opposition within its own ranks. First, atheistic philosopher, Prof Thomas Nagel has undermined this school of science in his new book Mind and Cosmos, upsetting many of his allies who now say he’s crazy and even that the book should be banned! (Read here)  A good review of Nagel’s book can be read at The Weekly Standard. Then TEDx it seems silenced Prof Rupert Sheldrake’s talk on science and its shortcomings (watch the YouTube video). Then A.C. Grayling’s new book The God Argument received a negative review in the Daily Telegraph. Whatever next? Are we going to have a new Enlightenment? if so, we could go back to the previous one and validate Hahnemann’s insights since he wasn’t listened to the first time.

Watch Sheldrake’s TEDx talk on YouTube:

For a detailed commentary on Prof. Nagel’s book go to Ed Feser’s blog

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