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Scholten award

On April 25 2014, Jan Scholten, one of homeopathy’s leading lights, has been decorated as Knight in the Dutch Order of Orange Nassau by the Mayor of Utrecht. This title is reserved for Dutch citizens who deserve appreciation and recognition from society for the special way in which they have carried out their activities.

Originally put forward by Jan’s eighteen year old niece and her mother, the idea to present him as a candidate for knighthood was supported by Jan’s wife, Maria, and then by homeopaths from around the world, who all wrote letters attesting to the importance of Jan’s work, and to his humanitarian qualities.

It’s great that a homeopath has been recognised by a state body. No-one is more deserving than Jan for his foresight, creativity, courage and generosity in forging new paths in homeopathy, medicine, chemistry, taxonomy, biology and philosophy of science and his own websites and the Interhomeopathy and Qjure websites. All this he has shared with everyone at no personal gain.

The Interhomeopathy website continues, “One would be hard pressed to find a more worthy recipient of this prize. Jan’s tireless work in the development and advancement of homeopathy has opened up countless new possibilities for cure and has influenced homeopathy worldwide. In 1987, together with colleagues, Jan founded the Homeopathic Centre for Doctors in Utrecht, Holland, where presently eight homeopathic doctors work. He is also frequently on the road, giving seminars worldwide, as well as writing for journals and various online homeopathic sites.

Jan brings to his work not only his knowledge of medicine, but also of chemistry, mathematics, and philosophy. He calls himself, rightly so, a scientist, making good use of solid information and logical thinking. At the same time, he stands open to information derived through the senses, thus marrying right and left brain in his research. He has conducted many provings and has furthered not only our understanding of remedies, but of homeopathy in a broader context.

Until recently, Jan has mainly been known for his ground-breaking discoveries regarding the application of the periodic table in homeopathy, which has enabled homeopaths to make use of all the elements and their salts. His work on the Lanthanides has made the treatment of auto-immune illnesses, previously difficult to cure, much more accessible. His major work and his main field of interest in homeopathy, however, has always been the Plant kingdom. Last year, his extensive book on the plants was finally published. Like his work on the mineral kingdom, this book provides ways of finding hitherto unknown remedies, and a better understanding of our well-known ones. Despite the controversy inherent to the development of new approaches, homeopaths worldwide who have applied his methods diligently attest to their efficacy in aiding their patients. In a time where old paradigms are falling and new ones are being fought against tooth and nail, it is inspiring to have a guiding light in our midst, someone whose constant striving for the health and happiness of mankind is so well-founded. Jan most certainly deserves this award, as his many patients, colleagues and friends around the world will confirm. Congratulations, Jan.”

Ref.: http://www.interhomeopathy.org/a-knight-in-our-midst

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