Shingles jab proves homeopathy

Shingles Jab Homeopathic to Warts and Moles

Told you so! In a recent post (here), commenting on two articles in the Daily Telegraph by Dr Le Fanu in which he shows the shingles jab cured moles and warts, I explained that this phenomena has to be due to the fact that the jab must have in its pathogenesis the ability to cause moles and warts.

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Sure enough, it was only a week later that my explanation, based on the law of cure – as discovered by the Dr Hahnemann – that only something which causes a symptom can cure that symptom, was proven correct. Read the third article on the matter by Dr Le Fanu (partly quoted below):

The fortuitous effect of treatment can cut both ways – for good or ill. So while the shingles jab, to the delight of two readers, caused long-standing moles and facial warts to disappear, for a third it had the opposite effect. The moles on her back became inflamed and “sinister-looking”, together with a rash and severe itching all over the body.

So, even with the angry reaction inflaming the moles, either way, it still shows the shingles jab has an affinity for moles and warts. (It is possible, given enough time, the moles which aggravated to become “sinister looking”, might also disappear.)

Meanwhile, the vaccine can also cause the symptoms of shingles it is intended to prevent, as a further reader reports developing the characteristic burning pain – though without the rash – and typical unilateral distribution on the right side of the abdomen, from front to back. (Emphasis added)

The above example illustrates the law of cure as discovered by Hahnemann: like cures like, for here we see a drug, the shingles jab, causing symptoms for which it is actually used as a prevention. For more examples of this law see my post Sshh, most medicines are homeopathic.

What is of note is that remedies in homeopathy shown to produce warts and moles are also remedies found to produce and cure shingles (termed “zona” or “zoster” in the older books). Compare the remedies for warts (p.1269) listed in Dr Kent’s repertory with the remedies for shingles (p.1245) he lists. . . .

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